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Posture correction software to boost your health and productivity
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Healthy Posture Made Simple

Posture correction software

Zen gives you real-time gentle posture correction while you work. Using your camera, without storing or recording any video. More secure than Zoom.
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Quick stretches for back and joint care

Tight back? Wrist pain? Say bye to the pain with quick desk stretches.

Walk break and stand up reminders

Reduce screen fatigue with walk break and stand up reminders throughout the day.
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Motivational Insights

Set goals and keep track of your posture improvements on your personalized dashboard.

Quick ergonomic tips and videos

Learn how to sit/stand properly and set up a healthy and productive workspace, at home, in office, on the move.
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What People Are Saying

In just 10 days


of PostureHealth users say they learned how to sit and stand comfortably


of PostureHealth users feel more productive


of PostureHealth users decreased joint and back pain

Posture Impacts How You


Say bye to back, neck, shoulder, and wrist pain and hello to a more active, relaxed, and energized you.


Boost productivity and creativity, stay focused longer.


Appear inches taller, up to ten pounds lighter, slim and fit.


More confident and aware, ready to take on the world.

For Companies

Offer employees a benefit that will boost their health, productivity, and engagement, while you decrease workers' compensation claims and insurance spend.
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For Individuals

Ready to boost your healthy and productivity? Take care of your back? Request access and we will be in touch with you shortly.
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